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  • Lynsey Skinner

Enhancing Education and Community: A Personal Commitment to School Wellbeing

8th April 2024, Lynsey Skinner This past week has been a busy one for Lynsey as she spent time (alongside the rest of her local PTA) voluntarily renovating the staff room at her daughters local school. What started as cosmetic decoration, ended up becoming a complete renovation! She has been busy sanding, painting and moving furniture to provide the staff with a welcoming and relaxing space for their time away from teaching.

'As a small school the PTA's involvement is sometimes well beyond the usual remit but ultimately we want the staff happy and motivated, and the best education for our children. Being able to give back to the teachers was an important part of that this week as they ultimately aren't just educators to our children; they are mentors, inspirations, and pillars of support.'


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