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  • Lynsey Skinner

Building a Support Network Natwest Accelerator Programme

My journey with the Natwest Accelerator began as a hopeful new business owner, eager to soak up knowledge and guidance to transition from rookie status to, well, slightly less rookie 😉. True to its promise, the Natwest Accelerator Programme has exceeded my expectations, delivering invaluable insights and mentorship. However, what truly caught me off guard was the incredible network of businesses and entrepreneurs I encountered along the way, proving that connecting with like-minded individuals can be just as rewarding as the lessons learned.

Exploring the diverse array of companies has been a revelation, igniting my passion and admiration for the dedication these owners pour into their businesses. My biggest takeaway, whilst listening to the stories of others, has been to embrace the notion that mistakes are part of the journey, imperfections are acceptable, and failure is a stepping stone to growth.

Above all, I've discovered a supportive community—a formidable force ready to rally behind each other's ambitions. I'm driven not only to see them succeed but also to contribute to their journey in any way possible. Their unwavering support to our business, and myself, has also been truly incredible!

While the program boasts a wealth of talented individuals, allow me to spotlight a few standout businesses that have left a mark on me. Here are just a handful of the remarkable entrepreneurs and enterprises I've had the privilege to collaborate with and wholeheartedly recommend:

If you do make contact, do mention my name, as I know the businesses will be happy to offer a discount, where possible, to our connections.



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